Board of Trustees Committees

All Committees Charter

As amended March 7, 2019

I. Introduction

This shows the additions to the charter if we adopt the resolution.

II. Preamble

The Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of The Internet Society (“ISOC”) has a set of
committees (“Committees”). Each Committee has a Charter. The following applies to all Board Committees.

III. Authority and Resources

Committees shall have the necessary authority and resources to discharge its responsibilities and duties. This shall include the authority to retain special counsel, experts, or consultants as the Committee deems appropriate. ISOC shall provide for appropriate funds as determined by the Committee for the payment of the fees and expenses of any such special counsel, experts, or consultants as well as all ordinary administrative costs incurred by the Committee and its individual members that are necessary and appropriate in performing their duties.

IV. Annual Review

Committees shall review, on at least an annual basis, (a) the Charter and the scope of the responsibilities and duties of the Committee, and (b) the Committee’s performance of its responsibilities and duties as set forth in its Charter. The Committee shall refer to the Board for appropriate action on any proposed changes to its Charter.

V. Availability of Charters

Committee Charters shall be made public by posting on the ISOC website.

VI. Meetings

The Chair of the committee calls for a committee meeting. However, any member of the committee can call a special meeting of the committee. All calls must be sent to all Committee members and must identify the time and place (electronic or physical) of the meeting.

VII. Chair Appointments

The chair of each committee shall be appointed by the Board at the Annual General Meeting. Unless the charter of the committee specifies otherwise, the members of the committee shall also be appointed at that time.

VIII. Committee Reports

The Chair of the Committee shall submit a written report at the meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting that describes the work performed by the committee during the year as well as provides recommendations for the following year’s committee.