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Implementation of Plan of Action – The challenge ahead

The overwhelming commitments of different developing countries and development partners in the WSIS 2003 held at Geneva, Switzerland during December 10-12, 2003 has began to fade within a very short span of time. As the 2nd round of WSIS also ended in this November 16-18 2005 at Tunis and also does not reflect any significant development towards implementation of the Plan of Action of WSIS by the participant countries, it is now becoming critical to develop the strategy to ensure implementation of the plan of Action. Though the Tunis summit developed documents on implementation and follow up mechanism, it is important “Who will bell the Cat”. A huge gap exists in the implementation of WSIS Action Plan and efforts taken in the Developing countries. The defined role of the govt. is far away from the initiatives taken by the govt. and the digital divide gap is widening day by day.

Implementing the Plan of Action of WSIS will directly contribute towards achieving the MDG in some extents. Achieving Millennium Development Goal (MDG) is another critical issue for the developing countries like Bangladesh. So, now we have so many agendas to address with proper attention and priority.

To ensure timely implementation of the plan of action – civil society organization may play the role of Watchdog, to monitor, advice and support to achieve the goal set by WSIS. It is obvious that the govt. has to take the lead in this process and other stakeholders will contribute in the process on implementation. International development partners should come forward, even ITU or GKP can come up with some sorts of mechanism to support to oversee the implementation of Plan of Action at country level, and also at regional level. This effort will also include initiative to assess the situation and if require build national level capacity to ensure implementation.

Or does anyone have better solution to ensure implementation of the plan of action at country level?

One Response to “Implementation of Plan of Action – The challenge ahead”

  1. McTim Says:

    Hi Shahid,

    i’m not betting on governments to actually follow through on their WSIS plans. My money is on the Private Sector in collaboration with NGOs and their donors.

    best regards,