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ISOC’s comments on the Chair’s Internet Governance paper

ISOC has submitted comments on the Chair’s Internet Governance paper. WSIS has also published a compilation of all comments received between the publication of the paper on 23 September and 26 September. The complete text of all the individual contributions received is also available.

2 Responses to “ISOC’s comments on the Chair’s Internet Governance paper”

  1. Michiel Leenaars Says:

    I agree with most of the comments ISOC made. In general when reading what is now on the table the balance seems quite wrong, and I don’t feel very comfortable that the outcome will be pragmatic instead of political. Many of the issues with regards to problems with the internet are not resolved in any other area; for instance when one looks at point 57 one could question the focus on the unevenness of internet access and the need to address this with any other infrastructure in the world. If one wants to ship a package from Europe to Afrika it is going to be more expensive than from Europe to anywhere in the United States. Most notably, traditional telephony shows huge global differences that have their basis in government-enforced monopolies – as can be seen when one correllates termination prices with the amount of government involvement/ownership of telecom companies. It can therefore be seriously questioned that increased UN involvement in this area is going to be either productive or anything more than a political act without any meaning.

  2. jason brown Says:

    oh … and strongly discourage PDF files as discrimanatory against smaller and/or poorer countries with slow, unreliable internet connections. there should always be html alternatives.