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China makes political misstep in WSIS

With the WSIS prepcom3 in full swing, the Chinese government has cracked down further on bloggers and other New Media outlets.

While hundreds of government delegates, business representatives, civil society folk and Internet community actors are all trying to reach some consensus agreements on how best to implement broader communication rights (amongst other things), the Chinese are going backwards on freedom of information sharing.

One can’t help but think that this will further polarise positions and not be helpful to the Chinese in getting what they want from this process. Strange, but true.

One Response to “China makes political misstep in WSIS”

  1. jason brown Says:

    One could make commentary about every system bearing the seeds of its own destruction, whether it be reconstructed communism or just good old rampant capitalism. The question netizens must ask themselves is what they can do to water and nurture those seeds. Near total transparency as practiced by countries like Norway should be taken up by organisations like this one as a means of limiting the influence of despotic regimes like China. Is that enough? No. Countries like the United States are good examples of how little impact freedom of information has on corporate and political systems intent on global exploitation, especially when so many organisations want to play them at their own game. Opening closed doors management helps raise standards far above such futilities.