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ISOC Statement to WSIS – Monday Sept 26

ISOC’s comments made at this morning’s plenary session of WSIS PrepCom-3 Sub-committee A are available here in PDF, Doc and text formats.

4 Responses to “ISOC Statement to WSIS – Monday Sept 26”

  1. Alex Gakuru Says:

    I am glad to note our ISOC ambassadors have kept their focus on the
    unconnected individual, and the problems facing the connected one.

  2. Mirko Benedetti Says:

    It’s very interesting. I think we really need to “support multilingualism and local language content” as well as web-usability for impaired people.

    Thank you.

  3. Rodrigo González Fernández Says:

    Una sugerencia: deberían publicar los articulos también en español.
    Un abrazo a todos, Rodrigo González Fernández Chile

  4. Akosile Timothy Olusegun Says:

    Hello , i will like to say that the ISOC as an association has been of great help to internet users and as a member i will like to say i am proud to be in ISOC and that the WSIS is ISOC’s time to be well known in the world over and affect more internet users.