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Africa Gov’t Caucus Report, Friday 23, Sept 2005

After several days of talking about The Accra commitment, the Dakar Decklaration, the WGIG report, the GFC “Food For Thought doc and other texts, the African governmnental group today talked about the sub-committe “A” working methods, which is being called the “Singapore compromise”, whereby CS, & other stakeholders can make presentations, then leave room so governments could get on with their discussion. They would have no vote of course as it is a UN (government only) process.

Some governments are objecting to this change of UN procedure.

Amb Karklin came and spoke about the need for compromise. He asked that delegates don’t misuse procedure to delay and don’t re-open old agreements. He said we have 6 days left, lets maximise our time, his message was “it is doable”.

After further discussion, finally a consensus agreement was reached that CS, Business, others of the MS groups can make presentations, asked to leave the room, and then be consulted by the chair as and when needed.

A discussion ensued on definitions of Internet and Internet Governance.

A brief discussion of Sub-comitte B work followed.

A very brief discussion on whether an World Internet Day was needed, as an extension of World Telecommunications Day or a “Convergence Network” Day.

2 Responses to “Africa Gov’t Caucus Report, Friday 23, Sept 2005”

  1. markus petz Says:

    I think World Telecommunications Day shoudl eb extended to World Interent Day as this can connect whole world up. A good thing.

    Also it helps achieve MDGs as people in the first world will realise that soem peoepl do not have th net. not just water , education etc.

  2. Bwanika Kuteesa stephen Says:

    African governments should ensure that the right for the nationals to clearly understand what they law says on use of ICT and internent governance is guranteed given the fact that the mojority of people are not only illeterate but most significantly they are computer illeterate.
    There is also a wave of people from Nigeria and other countries who are using the internate to cheat unsuspecting people. We need some kind of inter -police to ensure that fraud on the net is wipe out