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Let’s not Delay this time in being recognised as important Stakeholder

I congratulate ourselves on participating in the WSIS processes. However, if its not TOO LATE it is definately late enough to cause Alarm. We should have participated in the WSIS and WGIG at a much earlier stage to make its presence felt in the International Community. It is very late that we are participating in the WSIS Processes. Probably we could not anticipate the importance of WSIS. Still it may not be too late if we recognise and forsee that what lies ahead in the future.

To me after observing, experiencing and analysing the Sub Comittee A deliberations, Attending the various Civil Sociey meetings, talking to the Government delegates , Business and NGO delegates it is vey clear that a FORUM is inevitable, whether we want it or not. ISOC will contiue to survive even if we continue to advocate against the concept of FORUM, however, I just dont want ISOC’s survival but its visibility and recognition. We as ISOC can have beer participation and visibility if we accept that a FORUM is inevitable and become pioneers as Stakeholders in the FORUM. Otherwise I feel at a later stage we will be ignored by the FORUM and its advocates.

Rishi Chawla

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