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Chapter Template 

Installation Guidelines for existing blogs

Follow this installation procedure to implement the ISOC theme on an existing WordPress blog

  1. Download the ISOC WordPress theme and:
    • Extract the contents of the archive and copy it to your WordPress themes folder your_wordpress_folder/wp-content/themes
  2. importDefine the ISOC theme to be used:
    • In the left side navigation, go to appearance
    • activate the ISOC Chapter Template

    You have now the Template ready, but with a top navigation that does not display properly.

  3. Create a new post for each top navigation item (8 in total). Give as post title the text of the top navigation link that you intend to create, if possible not more than 16 characters
  4. Open the file isoc-topnavigation.php (in the isoc theme folder) and edit the following lines, by assigning the identites of the newly created posts
    $nav_id[0]= 3; // 3 is the identity of the corresponding post - change 3 to the new post identity
    $nav_id[1]= 5; // 5 is the identity of the corresponding post - change 5 to the new post identity
    $nav_id[2]= 7; // etc.
    $nav_id[3]= 8; 
    $nav_id[4]= 9;
  5. To set up the left navigation, read the publication guidelines
  6. To set up the frontpage