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Chapter Template 

Chapter Template

This section provides resources to implement a website with WordPress that is compatible with ISOC’s standard page design. Note that the installation procedure requires at least some basic knowledge about WordPress.

Why WordPress?

Many valuable opensource CMS tools exist that could handle the needs of chapters for website building. WordPress is one of these tools that we consider convenient to set up ISOC chapter websites. Without being exhaustive, here are a few arguments that motivates us to use WordPress for this purpose:

  • ISOC has been using WordPress in recent years for various publications and has experienced WP to be a reliable plateform. Beside this, ISOC staff has acquired extensive knowledge of this tool.
  • Initially made to be a blog, WordPress can be used as a Portal, especially with the WordPressmu blog factory
  • WordPress requires little developer resources compared to what it is potentially capable to deliver
  •  Template building is easy thanks to the available template functions. This is vital to handle distribution of upcoming updates of ISOC’s visual identity.
  • A large Library of plugins and widgets that provides almost unlimited extension possibilities.
  • Enduser friendly interface
  • Accessible tool for chapters in developing countries
  • Very large community support

For those who are not familiar with WordPress, it’s worth to read more on

For more information, see the topics in the menu on the left. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact webmaster at