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Chapter Template 

Installation Guidelines for new blogs

Follow this installation procedure to set up exactly the same WordPress site than this one.  Once this is done, these pages and be edited and set up with your own content. Note that this procedure applies only to new WordPress installations.

Read also the procedure for implementing the template on existing WordPress blogs

  1. Download the latest WordPress release
  2. Install WordPress by following these guidelines.
  3. Login with the credentials displayed on the browser at the end of the installation. The same credentials are also sent to the e-mail address you indicated.
  4. Change your password to something personal: click on User, then your profile, enter a new password (at the end of the page)
  5. Download the ISOC WordPress theme and:
    • Extract the contents of the archive and copy it to your WordPress themes folder your_wordpress_folder/wp-content/themes
  6. importDefine the ISOC theme to be used:
    • In the left side navigation, go to appearance
    • activate the ISOC Chapter Template
  7. importImportant step: Remove all the default WordPress content:
    • go to posts, delete existing posts
    • go to pages , delete existing pages
  8. importYou have now the Template ready, but without top and side navigation. To complete the installation, the content of this WordPress site needs to be imported:
    • In the left side navigation, go to
      tools(1) > import(2) > WordPress(3)
    • click on browse and locate the file chapter-template.xml in the ISOC theme folder chapter-template
    • then click on upload file and import,
    • Under map to existing: choose in the dropdown list admin
    • Important:  check Download and import file attachments
  9. The imported content contains all the elements that build the skeleton of this site.  If the top navigation does not look exactly like the one on this site, you need to repeat step 6-7.
  10. The next step is setting up the Frontpage
  11. The last and biggest task is now to set up your own content. Read also the Publication guidelines…