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Internet Society Chapter Workshop (India)

3 November 2011

The India Chapters Workshop took place in Bangalore, India, one day before INET Bangalore, which was organized by the Internet Society in collaboration with the Internet Society India Bangalore Chapter.

The Chapter workshop concentrated on leadership development,
 sharing of success stories and experiences with a particular focus on collaboration between the Chapters in India in order to help us collaboratively advance the Internet Society mission in India in a meaningful way for Internet users.

ISOC made available 2 travel fellowships per Chapter to attend both the INET and the Chapter workshop in Bangalore.

Agenda (09.00-17.00)

1. Internet Society priorities for 2012 : Globally and Regionally
2. Chapter Development and Support plans for 2012
3. India Issues Roundtable: discuss issues of relevance to the Indian Internet landscape and what action and activities Chapters can take
4. Inter-chapter projects and regional/inter-region collaboration
5. Action plans

Summary notes from the meeting.