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Planning your disability awareness workshop

17 August 2011, UTC 11:00, via Webex and captioning.

This call has been recorded and captioned. Both these products are now available for you to listen and read:

WebEx recording (this recording will be available until 15 October 2011)

- Captioning (PDF, unedited)

If your Chapter is interested in organizing its own workshop in this field, then please don’t hesitate to contact Gunela (preferably before the end of September 2011) and she will be happy to assist you in the planning.

Gunela Astbrink is a member of the Internet Society Australia Chapter and is just winding up a Community Grants Project on “Disability Training for Chapters”. You can find more information about this project at

Chair/Speaker: Gunela Astbrink, Internet Society Australia Chapter


1. Outline of Community Grant project on disability awareness
2. Follow-up from Sri Lanka workshop
3. Ideas to support Chapter workshops on disability awareness
4. Any other business