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World IPv6 Day – Ad Hoc Chapter Meeting held at IETF80

29th March 2011



see end for list


1. Day overview
2. Round table intro
3. Outline of Chapter proposals
3.1 Aims
3.2 Progress
3.3 Participants
4. Open discussion – What do we need?

1. Day Overview

Phil roberts gave an overview of World IPv6 Day as is planned so far.
- some 380 organisations have approached ISOC to date, more all the time
- he will be holding chapters briefings on the 12th April at UTC 11:00
and 20:00, see for further
- a chapter information document has been created
- the event will span 0:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC
- major web sites to be IPv6 enabled, ie the ‘front door’, they are
actively discouraging subordinate sites eg
- measurement activities are being undertaken and some to be made public

3.Outline of Chapter Activities

Australia is planning the following, subject to obtaining sufficient
funding. If funding cannot be raised, then a lower key approach will
be undertaken that is mere publicity and low level co-ordination.
Establishment of a register of participants (aim minimum 15)
Education of participants and interested parties
Assistance of participants with running up servers, advice etc
Call for proposals from members (free & for fee services)
Referal service for more than the basics
Media liaison
Feed into global and regional activities
Event on the day itself (may be moved considering 0:00 UTC is 10am AEST)
Certificates for participants
Post-event review

The Netherlands are planning the following:
event on the day
recruiting some well known universities, polytechniks, hoping to get
some banks or perhaps the police force
partnering with RIPE NL offices
measurement activities
media liaison

Mexico is planning the following:
have recruited a major university
approaching a major newspaper hosting group
will be going through the LACNIC register of IPv6 holders and
approaching directly

Early days of planning at this stage, and ideas run to:
approaching a major news provider who may participate silently (ie not public)
a large ISP currently providing services

Germany is still in the planning stage also:
.DE cctld will be participating
will be approaching major ISPs and Content Service Providers
will be partnering with RIPE local offices
planning an event

The Japanese chapter is in the process of rejuvenation, and World IPv6
Day may be a part of this.
joint promotions on the use of IPv6
promoting the use of a Japanese badge for IPv6 participant web pages
expect to meet with chapter members to further plan activities

The Brazilian chapter is also in rejuvenation. They do still expect to
participate in some activities:
partnering with the NIC for Brazil
promote use of (source is available for other chapters)

The Ukraine chapter is in formation, yet they still have plans for
World IPv6 Day:
aiming to do seminars
promotional activities
survey of IPv6 capable/enabled sites

The Malaysia chapter is well under way with planning:
1. ISOC Malaysia has an SIG on IPv6. See
2. ISOC Malaysia is planning to have an IPv6 day in Kuala Lumpur in
collaboration with the IPv6WG @ Malaysian Communications and
Multimedia Commission (MCMC – our regulator).
3. Malaysian IPv6 activities are spearheaded by National Advanced IPv6
Center (, led by Prof Sureswaran
Ramadass of USM.
4. The website of Malaysian Research and Educational Network
( is IPv6 Ready and is ready to participate in
the World IPv6 Day on June 8, 2011.

4.Open Discussion


user friendly FAQs
creation of a space for measurements and tests
ISOC approaching the big companies, eg Google, Yahoo and asking them
to be in touch with local chapters where possible, and so inclined
assistance with making the chapter web sites IPv6 enabled if not already


“this is all about measuring ‘broken-ness’”
concern about late notice
concern about negative impact of client side issues (tunnel non
performance, broken clients) and potential for bad publicity
need to make ISPs more aware of this event

Many thanks to those chapter representatives and active members who
attended the meeting.


Narelle Clark, ISOC-AU (minutes),
Benno Overeinder, ISOC NL,
Desiree Miloshevic, UK, Serbia and Croatia,
Frederick Donck, ISOC European Bureau,
Anya Chambers, ISOC,
Peter Koch, ISOC DE,
Hans Dittler, ISOC DE,
Tomohiro Fujisaki, ISOC Japan,
Azael Fernandez, ISOC MX,
Antonio Marcos Moreiras, ISOC Brazil,
Dimitry Kohmanyuk,
Walda Roseman, COO ISOC,
Suhaidi Hassan, ISOC MY,
Alejandro Pisanty, ISOX MX,
Phil Roberts, ISOC,