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E-Accessibility Training for Chapters

20 April 2011, UTC 11:00, via Webex and captioning.

Chair/Speaker: Gunela Astbrink, Internet Society Australia Chapter


1. Introductions
2. Disability awareness – Community Grant project background
3. Planned activities – e-meetings
– Chapters workshop, Sri Lanka
4. Preparations for workshop – input from Chapters
5. Next steps

Meeting outcome:

Some of the main points of the discussion from Chapter members were:
- Need to raise awareness among Chapter members
- Expanding awareness to employers to hire people with disabilities
- Working with schools to ensure accessible ICT is provided
- Consideration of developing a catalogue of tools and methodology for practitioners – need to check existing tools
- Role of universal design with examples of value of real-time captioning for everyone
- Need for more accessible websites based on international guidelines
- ISOC’s and Chapter’s role in lobbying Government for improvements in accessibility

Key actions:
- Analysis of accessibility of Chapters’ websites
- Analysis of accessibility of ISOC’s website and consideration for improving accessibility

A transcript of the meeting can be downloaded from the Chapter wiki (login required).

Another e-meeting in early June is planned on a date to be determined.

About the project:
The ISOC Australia Chapter will develop a training tool for ISOC Chapters to use to inform their membership and the broader Internet community of the social benefit in assisting people with disabilities to use the Internet. This will be done with ongoing collaboration of targeted Chapters in the Asian region to set up a “disability training module” which can be used by Chapters when organising events, seminars, conferences or training sessions. The “disability training module” will be designed so that a session can be organised by Chapters with limited or no experience in disability issues. It will act as a resource by not only providing suitable content but also considering accessible venues, liaising with disability organisations and obtaining local speakers with disabilities. The module could pave the way for future work by Chapters in improving accessibility to the Internet for people with disabilities in their region. To successfully implement the project and the disability module, an in-depth workshop will be held at the INET in Sri Lanka in May 2011 where the module will be introduced to Chapters and other Internet community members and provide a forum on how to best use the material in a number of countries in the Asian region.

For any questions please contact Chapter Support.