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ISOC meeting at APRICOT 2011

Date: 22 February 2011, 5.15pm until 6.45pm (UTC 09:15-10:45)
Location: HK Convention Centre, Room S425

Chair: Charles Mok, ISOC Hong Kong Chapter


Minutes: ISOC meeting at APRICOT 2011 (Minutes: ISOC meeting at APRICOT 2011 78 KB)

1. 2011 Regional bureau update  - Rajnesh Singh (2011 Regional bureau update (Rajnesh Singh) 401KB)
2. 2011 plans for Chapter Development – Anne Lord ( 2011 plans for Chapter Development (Anne Lord) 270 KB)
3. Round table chapter updates and exchange of 2011 plans – ALL
4. World IPv6 Day (June 8th) regional co-ordination – ALL
5. AOB

A dinner will follow the meeting and the details are below:

Restaurant name: Lee House Restaurant
Location: 2/F, Cre Building, 303 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
Time: 7.30pm
Transportation: 5-10 mins walk from HKCC.

Please indicate if you will attend the dinner and any special dietary requirements by emailing Chapter Support.