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Event Funding

Written and Financial Reporting Requirements

The following explains the written reporting requirements for follow-up reports for an Internet Society (ISOC) Chapter funded event.

ISOC requires that every Chapter submit a final report no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the Event.

All reports have two sections, a written description (using the Event Report template) and a financial statement.

Please note: If you will split the funding between two separate Events, the release of funds for the second Event will be contingent upon the receipt and approval of the required reports.

Reports should be submitted to

The written section should be in English, French or Spanish language will be accepted if English is not possible.

Guidelines for the Written Section

Please use the Event Report template in Word format (DOC) or Open office format (ODT) to submit your written section.

The written portion of reporting is an opportunity to describe both the Event achievements and results.

The written report need not be lengthy but should include all issues that are important to the Event’s success.

Written Reports should include the following information.

1.An overview of the Event, including:

  • Date & Location
  • Goals and Purpose of the Event
  • Organizers, Partners, and Sponsors
  • Agenda and Content information
  • Participant numbers

2. Planned Follow up activities
The purpose of the Chapter funding is “membership re-invigoration”. In this section you should describe any follow up activities within the Chapter such as plans for future Events or targeted mailings to recruit new members.

3. Colllective feedback from the participants, including suggestions for improvements

There are always things with every Event that could be improved next time round, and it is important to listen to the feedback received from attendees. Please summarise the key findings from the feedback.

4. Replicability among other Chapters

Other Chapters may benefit from your experience. Please think about what you can pass on to other Chapters as “words of wisdom” or helpful advice if they wish to run an event similar to yours.

5. Future suggestions

This section should be used for feedback on this programme as well as any other comments you would like to share with the Internet community and with the Chapters.

6. ISOC Monthly newsletter

Please share the good news regarding the Event with ISOC members around the world. 2 or 3 paragraphs is all that is required.

Photographs of Chapter Events are most welcome. They will be used in ISOC publications and should be submitted with prior approval to publish.

The completed Event Report template must be submitted at the same time as the financial report (see below).

Guidelines for the Financial Section

Please use the Financial Report Template: Excel format (XLS) or Open office format (ODS) to specify how funds were used for the Event. The completed template must be submitted at the same time as the written report. Report on ISOC funds only: the expenses section should report on how only the ISOC funds were used. The expenses section should show local and US $ currency values.

If you have any questions regarding the written or expense reports and due dates, please contact

Note Well: ISOC intends to make public information about the Events programme outcomes. This is done to disseminate the information to the larger Internet community and to further ISOC’s mission and goals.