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Active and vibrant Chapters are an important strategic asset to the Internet Society. The Internet Society’s event funding initiative therefore supports well run local activities organized by the Chapters and targeted at membership re-invigoration, which is critical in realizing the Internet Society’s goals and mission.

One of the keys to sustainability for a Chapter lies in its ability to recruit and attract volunteers. The objective of this programme is therefore to provide Chapters with a means to reaching out to their existing or new members as well as to provide opportunities for learning, social networking and to increase both the profile of the Internet Society and the Chapter in their local community.

While Chapters are expected to establish their own source of funding as outlined in the Policies and Procedures for Establishing New Chapters, they often lack the financial resources and the events collateral to do so, and this despite best efforts to secure funding through membership and sponsorship dues. This initiative is intended to assist Chapters on an annual basis (per calendar year) with a small amount of money to initiate an events programme (as opposed to regular membership meetings).

Programme Objectives

The goals of this programme are as follows:

  • To provide Chapters with a means to obtain funding to conduct ‘events’ with the explicit purpose of membership recruitment and/or retention;
  • To strengthen the impact of the Internet Society’s initiatives and activities globally by stimulating complementary local action. This promotes greater synergy and alignment with Internet Society activities at the global level, thereby strengthening the impact of the Internet Society as a whole as we work towards our collective mission;
  • To motivate members and the delegates of a Chapter around a common activity and in so doing revitalize energy within the Chapter;
  • To help identify new leaders who can take on the organization of the event;
  • To provide an opportunity for revenue raising for the Chapter;
  • To assist in developing new or strengthening existing relationships and partnerships at the local level;
  • To act as a catalyst to enable Chapters to undertake other activities;
  • To help Chapters maintain their visibility in the community.

Funding obtained through this process will assist Chapters in holding (at a minimum) one event in a calendar year.

Proposed events must meet the needs of the Chapter and be consistent with the Internet Society’s principles and goals. Events must also be compatible with one (or more) of the Internet Society’s strategic initiatives or fall within current activities in the Policy and Education areas as outlined at and


Typically Chapters hold two types of meeting. One type is the periodic membership meeting that provides for member networking and information exchange and allows for the conduct of regular Chapter business (elections, activity reports, introduction of new members, etc.). A second type of meeting, referred to as “events” (conferences, seminars, workshops) is typically held infrequently, often annually. These events tend to be open (and marketed) to the membership and a larger community or the public at large and are designed to advance the organization’s mission in the areas of policy and/or education and often, significantly, to raise funds for Chapter operations.

The Event Funding programme is aimed at funding “events” (as defined above) as opposed to regular Chapter meetings. However, it is recognized that the distinction may not always be clear and often meetings are held as “events.” As a consequence, the distinction is offered as a guideline and will be assessed by the programme managers in consultation with the Chapter. A breakdown of what the money can be used for is clarified in the section headed “Funding”.

Funds for Chapters come from a variety of sources within the Chapters and may include sources such as in-kind donations, Chapter membership dues (if charged), and sponsorships raised from local companies, government, and institutions. A draft document A Guide to raising funds for Events through Sponsorhip (PDF) prepared by Kevin Craemer from the Internet Society may be helpful information to event planners. The document is a draft from the Chapter Handbook.

Eligibility Criteria

The programme is open to all Chapters who meet the following criteria:

  • The event must be aligned with the Internet Society’s goals and mission;
  • The event should be open to the public, where possible;
  • The Chapter must not have used the full 2000 USD of event funding available in the current calendar year yet. (It is possible to receive funding for a series of smaller events with less than 2000 USD funding each, the total sum can nevertheless not exceed 2000 USD per year);
  • Applicants must not have received funding for the same event under the Community Grants Programme or any other Internet Society programme.


A maximum amount of $2,000 USD is available per eligible Chapter per calendar year. Chapters may apply for more than one event in a calendar year as long as they do not exceed the maximum of $2,000 USD. Allocated funds may be used for:

  • Speaker accommodation and travel;
  • Event space;
  • Promotional materials, media coverage and marketing;
  • Food and beverages;
  • Other event supplies and incidentals (please specify in your application).


Chapters wishing to apply for funding are required to agree to the following:

  1. Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). See Word format (DOC) or Open office format (ODS)
  2. Complete the Application Form
    1. Completed application forms should be submitted no less than  2 weeks before the date of the planned event
    2. Completion of an Event Budget (as part of the application form). See Excel format (XLS) or Open office format (ODS)
  3. Submission of a post event report within 30 days of the event. This should include the following:
    1. Financial report, including all receipts
    2. Written Event report, including a short article for the ISOC members newsletter

Important Note: Applicants will be contacted after submission of their application to discuss the planned event and the necessary follow up after the event.

Please review the written and financial reporting guidelines prior to submitting your post-event report.

Note: High-resolution photographs of the event(s) are welcome and should be sent to, with consent to allow the Internet Society Communications Department to include photo(s) of the event in Internet Society media products.

The Internet Society Chapter Support Team is responsible for the administration of the funding including responsibility for review and approval of applications as well as Chapter pre- and post-event submission requirements.

Resources available for Chapters

To assist Chapters in running events, the Internet Society has made available templates and documents that the Chapter can customize for running an event.


Marketing collateral:

  1. ISOC brochures, annual reports – order the latest annual report
  2. ISOC pens: contact

Planning tools:

  1. Event Checklist: Word format (DOC) Open office format (ODT)
  2. Workshops
  3. Online tools for marketing events and registering participants such as, and

Helpful documents:

  1. A guide to raising Funds for Events Sponsorship (PDF) – Kevin Craemer, ISOC
  2. Primer on organizing Chapter events – Connie Kendig, ISOC

Under development:

  1. Chapter Sponsorship programme template and framework

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