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ISOC @ ICANN Singapore

ICANN’s 41st Meeting was held at the Raffles City Convention Centre from June 19-24. This meeting was significant in that it approved the creation of new gTLDs, opening up the possibility of an expanded range of top level domain names.

Several ISOC staff participated in the event and two ISOC-specific meetings were also held alongside the ICANN meeting: “ISOC participation in ICANN” and a Members and Chapters Meeting.

ISOC’s Regional Director, Rajnesh Singh, also spoke at the APRALO showcase. Singh was the founding Chair of APRALO, which represents Asia Pacific Internet user interests in the ICANN process.

ISOC Chapters and Members Meeting at ICANN 41, Singapore

ISOC Chapters and Members Meeting at ICANN 41, Singapore

30 Jun 2011


ISOC @ Asia Pacific Regional IGF 2011

The 2011 Asia Pacific Regional IGF was held at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore from June 16 to 17. The event was composed of plenary sessions on Day 1 and breakout sessions in thematic areas on Day 2.

ISOC’s Regional Director, Rajnesh Singh, spoke during the IPv6 Plenary about World IPv6 Day and during the Cybersecurity breakout session on Online Privacy.

Session transcripts are available here and archived webcasts are available for the sessions are available at the following:

19 Jun 2011


World IPv6 Day a success in Asia

World IPv6 DayWorld IPv6 Day, co-ordinated by the Internet Society was very successful in Asia, with collaborative efforts by many in spreading awareness for the need for IPv6. A regional press release was issued on May 31 highlighting some of the major regional companies which have signed on to World IPv6 Day.

Events on June 8 were held in multiple countries (Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, amongst others). There was also significant media coverage, with ISOC’s Regional Director, Rajnesh Singh, being interviewed on a regional radio programme on the day as well.

Regional media coverage was significant, and the following is a sample:

ABC (Australia): Web users await success of IPv6 day

ABC (Australia): Test of new internet system underway (Radio interview and transcript)

Fiji Times: Turn of a new era

Straits Times, Singapore: Next-generation Internet addresses tested

The Australian: Next-generation IPv6 addresses tested

Times of India: 5 things you should know about IPv6 (was linked from the front page on Thursday 9th June)

Digital Life, a weekly insert of Straits Times (Singapore), also included an article with an interview with Singh on June 15th, the day before the Asia Pacific Regional IGF and ICANN Singapore began. This gave World IPv6 Day some great follow-up coverage prior to these major meetings in Singapore.

17 Jun 2011


ISOC @ World Economic Forum on East Asia

The WEF Forum on East Asia was held in Jakarta, Indonesia from June 12 to 13.

ISOC’s Regional Director, Rajnesh Singh, participated in the event, and spoke during an interactive panel on ‚ÄúCapitalizing on Transformative Technology and Innovation‚ÄĚ. The session summary is available here.

Singh highlighted the importance of multi-stakeholder consultative processes. He also stressed the need to understand and appreciate the needs and values of newer generations of Internet users who are online and connected pretty much 24/7 and have a different perspective on privacy and the exchange of personal information.

Further information on the 2011 World Economic Forum on East Asia is available here.

14 Jun 2011