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APRICOT 2011 was jointly held with APAN and APNIC meetings in Hong Kong from February 15-25 with workshops, technical seminars and conferences covering multiple topics.

There was strong representation from ISOC at the various events with staff from the Asian Bureau and Standards & Technology group in attendance.

A successful chapters and members meeting was held during the period, with around 15 chapter representatives present. Regional Bureau Manager, Rajnesh Singh provided an update on regional plans and activities, Senior Manger for Chapters, Anne Lord provided an update on chapter development, and members of ISOC’s Standards and Technology team, Leslie Daigle (Chief Internet Technology Officer) and Phil Roberts (Technology Programme Manager) provided an update on World IPv6 Day. Notes from the meeting are available on the chapter

As in previous years, ISOC extended financial support for the APRICOT 2011 Fellowship programme. ISOC also provided support for an APTLD workshop and the APNG Camp, both of which were co-located with APRICOT 2011.

APRICOT 2012 is scheduled for Delhi, India.