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Japan Chapter rejuvenation

Anne Lord, Senior Manager, Chapters attended a Japan Chapter rejuvenation meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Lord provided an update on ISOC’s current activities and provided an overview of chapter administration and support facilities available from ISOC.

The Japan Chapter was ISOC’s first and has become inactive in recent years. A small group of individuals has formed to rejuvenate the chapter. A mailing list has been set up with outreach to interested individuals to help re-establish the Japan Chapter.

30 Nov 2010


ISOC @ Internet for MSMEs Seminar, Varanasi

Rajnesh Singh, Head of ISOC’s Asian Regional Bureau was invited to speak at a Verisign-sponsored seminar on Internet for MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), in Varanasi, India.

The event was well attended with around 220 delegates and Singh spoke on the need to build local content to drive local growth and the opportunities MSMEs have in using the Internet to market their products to a global audience. There was significant media coverage of this event in local media and Singh was interviewed by printed and electronic media, including television.

29 Nov 2010


INET Singapore 2010

INET Singapore 2010 was held from November 18th to 19th at the Hilton Singapore. The event saw quality attendance with some intense discussion during some sessions (multilingualism and Internet development in Singapore in particular).

(ISC)2 presented a workshop session on social network hacking which provided details on how attacks are perpetrated using social networking and what to look out for. This was a very highly rated session.

INET Singapore had significant media coverage which allowed good profiling for ISOC. Moves are also underway to form an ISOC chapter in Singapore with 33 people attending a chapter information session and resolving to establish a chapter in Singapore. An interim committee has been formed to take the process further with Peng Hwa Ang as Chair and other industry leaders part of the team. This development also received media coverage in the Straits Times.

Further details on INET Singapore available online here

23 Nov 2010


ISOC at World Economic Forum India Economic Summit 2010

Rajnesh Singh, Head of ISOC’s Asian Regional Bureau, was invited to participate in the World Economic Forum’s India Economic Summit in Delhi, India.

The participation focused on a couple of private sessions related to technology and mainstream issues such as health, as well as an interactive roundtable on “Implementing India through technology”.

A full report on the India Economic Summit and other background information is available online here

17 Nov 2010