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APNIC 30 was held in Gold Coast, Australia and three ISOC staff were in attendance – Rajnesh Singh from the Asian Regional Bureau, Anne Lord from the Membership Department, and Christine Runnegar from the Public Policy Department.

Further information on the meeting is available here.

27 Aug 2010


ISOC @ AP STAR Retreat Gold Coast

The bi-annual AP STAR Retreat took place a day prior to the APNIC meeting in Gold Coast, Australia. AP STAR is a collection of organisations working in the Asia Pacific region, and the retreat allows an exchange of activities and knowledge.

Rajnesh Singh, Regional Bureau Manager for Asia, provided an update on ISOC.

One information of note from the retreat is the establishment of APIX, a forum for IXPs from Asia Pacific.

Further information on the AP STAR Retreat are available here.

23 Aug 2010