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Charter (Rev 4) – (1998.12.11)

Title: ISOC Advisory Council – Charter (Rev 4)
Author(s): Stefano Trumpy
Date: 1998.11.24
Body: Advisory Council
Document: Fourth
Revision: 98-05
Supersedes: 96-012
Status: Approved by ISOC Board of Trustees on December 11, 1998
Maintainer: Council Chair

Advisory Council Charter [Rev 4]
[Submitted for approval of the ISOC Board of Trustees]


The Internet Society Advisory Council [ISOC-AC] represents the organization members of the ISOC within the context of the overall vision of the Society – a means of fostering cooperation on matters affecting the general welfare and effectiveness of the global Internet and its users. Organization members include representatives from academic, research, service/equipment suppliers, content providers, government, international organizations, and public interest groups.


Provide advice and recommendations to the ISOC President and Board of Trustees, on any matters of concern/interest to the Council at large or of its individual sector constituencies. Advice and recommendations may include any policy-level matters of strategic direction, finance, technology and standards, infrastructure, administration, network usage or other matters felt to be generally relevant to the health and welfare of the Internet.


Each organization member may designate a Principal and an Alternate Representative to the Council with equal status and standing. However, on formal votes of the Council, a single vote for each Organization Member will be authorized. The ISOC President [or his designee] will be an ex-Officio member of the Council.

The ISOC Staff Assistant for Organization Services will provide administrative support services to the Council. He/she will maintain the official roster of the Council members, an electronic mail list, and appropriate archives. Council business will to the extent feasible, be conducted by electronic means.


The Council members will elect up to seven Officers – of equal standing, for a term of three years, or until resignation or removal upon a formal vote of the Members. The Council Officers will among them, designate a Chairperson. Officers of the Council will:

a. Act on behalf of the Council, in consonance with Council direction or precedent.

b. Conduct on behalf of the Council, any necessary continuing operational activities of the Council.

c. Serve as Chair/Facilitator of meetings of the Council.

d. Represent the Council when necessary to other ISOC or external bodies, in coordination with the ISOC Officers and Trustees.

e. Attend the meetings of the ISOC Board of Trustees, and participate in the electronic discussion list of the Trustees.

f. Advocate Council positions and recommendations to the Trustees.

g. Report to the Members on disposition of Trustee or other actions of interest to, or which impact on, the Council.

h. Respond to requests for advice or action by the Trustees in consultation with the Council members.


Face-to-face meetings of the Council will generally be held in conjunction with the annual INET conferences, and during the meetings of the IETF.

Periodic meetings of the Officers will be held as necessary, or as agreed among the Council Officers.

Electronic discussion lists will be maintained for the Council Members and for the Council Officers. Subscribers to these lists will be restricted to Council Officers, Members, and related ISOC Staff, however they will be open to posting by anyone concerned.

Documentation and proceedings of the Council will [at a minimum] be posted to the Council and Trustees lists. Records of the Council will also be made available electronically on the ISOC document server.

Decisions or positions of the Council will be taken by consensus whenever practical, or by formal vote of the Council when necessary or expedient.


The Council Charter, and changes thereto, will be agreed by the Council and approved by the Board of Trustees.

This Charter, Rev 4 [Council Doc 98- 05] reflects agreement of the Council at their meeting of 20 July, 1998 and has been approved by the ISOC Board of Trustees at their meeting on December 11,1998.

Respectfully submitted:
/s/ Stefano Trumpy
Chair, ISOC Advisory Council